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Dr. Anuj R. Shah

Dr. Anuj R. Shah: “I’d like to start a movement to teach people how to make healthy habits that last forever”

How do you build habits that keep you in your best shape? What does it take to be one of the leaders in premier cardiovascular care? Dr. Anuj R. Shah, one of the "Top Doctors in New Jersey" since 2015, offers his insights. Read more here!... Read More »
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Dr. Anuj R. Shah

Dr. Anuj R. Shah: “Give yourself permission to rest — It’s okay to take time for yourself”

How does Dr. Anuj R. Shah keep up his dedication to delivering quality cardiac care? What were his earliest experiences in the field of cardiology? This interview gives you a sneak peek of his history and his goals. Click... Read More »
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20 Surprising Things That Affect Whether You Have a Heart Attack

... Read More »
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What Trends Are Shaping AI In Healthcare This Year? 26 Experts Share Their Insights

Don't you want to know where healthcare is trending, or which technologies are shaping the future of care, at least so you'll be prepared for your next trip to the doctor? If you want to stay in the know, these experts shined a light on the trends most shaping the use of artificial intelligence in... Read More »
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Why You Should be Monitoring Your Heart Rate

If you don’t track your workout, did it even happen? Wearable fitness technology is everywhere these days. You know we love stats at aSweatLife, and we’re always trying to get the most out of our workouts. Fore more info, click... Read More »
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Dr. Anuj Shah

Dr. Anuj Shah Featured on Fox News

Dr. Anuj Shah was recently featured on Fox News discussing AI and AFIB. Click here to read how AI May Detect AFib in Just 10... Read More »
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