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Coronavirus Pandemic Dr. Anuj Shah NJ cardiologist

COVID-19 Pandemic Special

Be sure to catch Dr. Anuj Shah tonight at 7... Read More »
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n-95 mask

Hospitals are running low on respirators, but rapid testing could help protect workers. Here’s how. Dr. Anuj Shah, an interventional cardiologist who has... Read More »
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Dr. Anuj Shah NJ cardiologist

Coronavirus: Doctor Describes Working In NYC’s ‘Battle Zone’

Dr. Anuj Shah, a cardiologist with his own practice, now spends his days working in the ICU at Christ Hospital in Jersey City. CBS2's Tara Jakeway reports. Source:... Read More »
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Coronavirus: Lack of medical supplies ‘a national shame’

President Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act to get General Motors to make more ventilators and Boeing will make face shields for medical professionals. Doctors in the United States have... Read More »
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CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: Jersey City Testing Sites Open; NJ Doctor Says Hospital Workers Are In ‘Battle Zone’

Sadly, the situation at Hoboken University Medical Center isn’t unique. CBS2 got an exclusive first-hand account of the overwhelming hardship inside Christ Hospital in Jersey City from Dr.... Read More »
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Ease Stress for Heart Health

For your heart’s sake, make it a priority to keep your stress in check. “Stress is a known factor for poor cardiac health,” says cardiologist Anuj Shah, MD, founder of Apex Heart and... Read More »
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