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Category Archives: Peripheral Arterial Disease

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Peripheral Arterial Disease Awareness

September is Peripheral Arterial Disease Awareness Month. PVD affects an estimated 20 million Americans. Yet, it is widely misunderstood by the public and often goes undiagnosed. PVD is treatable, and with early detection of the disease, millions could avoid serious help concerns related to PVD. Thanks to National PVD Awareness Month, a much-needed spotlight is …Continue reading

Peripheral Vascular Disease

  WHAT IS PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASE (PVD)?   Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Definition: PVD stands for Peripheral Vascular Disease. Peripheral vascular disease is commonly seen in patients with diabetes. The cousin of Peripheral Arterial Disease is Peripheral Venous Disease, which is called venous insufficiency. Peripheral vascular disease is when someone has blocked arteries and vein …Continue reading

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Peripheral Arterial Disease and Amputation Prevention

WHAT IS PERIPHERAL ARTERIAL DISEASE?  If somebody had a stroke, you would automatically assume they were sick. But what if I told you that if a person had a blockage in their legs, that means they could also be sick? A heart attack is a blockage in the heart. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a blockage in …Continue reading