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Dr. Anuj Shah Speaks About the Coronavirus on Fox 5

“Emergency rooms have become like a warzone”- Dr. Anuj Shah Dr. Anuj Shah speaks about the state of hospitals in New York and New Jersey that houses the patients of the coronavirus. Watch the video below to find out what Dr. Anuj Shah has to say about the current coronavirus epidemic and how hospitals are …Continue reading

Cancer Convos with Grace B.

As it is American Heart Health Month, our founder and owner, Dr. Anuj Shah, was invited to an informative and in-depth discussion. Please listen to the podcast episode as Dr. Shah explains in detail the different types of heart disease and more… Learn more about the different types of heart disease and more by watching …Continue reading

man biking

Cycling Cross County After Heart Transplant

Mike Cohen was in trouble. It was day one of his 1,426-mile ride across the United States, and his heart was not cooperating. They’d gotten a late start out of San Diego. Perhaps he had not eaten enough or hydrated properly, or maybe it was a lack of rest—the past few days had been packed …Continue reading

Eating Chili Peppers May Prevent Fatal Heart Attacks and Stroke

Chili peppers aren’t for the faint of heart, but maybe they should be. Scientists in Italy say the spice slashes the mortality rate from heart attack and cerebrovascular disease (which restricts blood flow to the brain and includes strokes and aneurysms). The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology on December …Continue reading

Dr. Anuj R. Shah

Dr. Anuj R. Shah – Interventional Cardiologist

We sat down with renowned interventional cardiologist Dr. Anuj R. Shah to learn more about his road to success. Dr. Shah is one of the youngest interventional cardiologists to perform 10,000 cases. The Founder of Apex Heart and Vascular also just completed 1,000 vein cases. Dr. Anuj R. Shah is a renowned interventional Cardiovascular Disease …Continue reading

Dr. Anuj R. Shah LinkedIn Live

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Learn invaluable information and take on the first steps to a healthier heart. Don’t miss Dr. Anuj R. Shah’s POWERLUNCH LIVE today at noon (EST time) on LinkedIn! Watch the power lunch live here