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Consult an Expert About a Heart Murmur

A heart murmur doesn’t sound like it is something dangerous, but it could be. You will never truly know until you have yourself tested. Although it’s true that heart murmurs usually do not cause any symptoms and only occur when blood flows more rapidly (such as in the case of exercise), it can also be a sign of a congenital heart defect or other more serious conditions.

Don’t put your heart in danger. If you think that you may have a heart murmur, it’s important that you seek medical assistance from Apex Heart and Vascular Center as soon as possible. We have a team of experts that can help you overcome a heart murmur and treat any heart problems connected to it at the same time.

Common Questions You May Have About a Heart Murmur

What is a heart murmur?

A heart murmur is characterized by a swishing or whooshing sound that can be heard during a cycle of your heartbeat. It is caused by the sudden movement of blood either inside or near your heart and can be heard with the use of a stethoscope.

Heart murmurs can either develop later in life or be present right from birth. It is not exactly a disease nor a condition but rather a symptom of one. Most of the time, they are quite harmless; however, follow-up tests are often done to make sure that a heart murmur is not related to a heart condition.

What tests are used to diagnose the cause of a heart murmur?

A heart murmur can be identified during a physical exam. However, to properly diagnose it, your doctor might request for these additional tests:

  • A Chest X-Ray

    – It is a procedure done to produce a viable image of your heart, blood vessels, lungs, etc.

  • An echocardiogram

    – It is a diagnostic procedure which employs sound waves in order to produce images of your heart.

  • An electrocardiogram (EKG)

    – It is a non-invasive procedure which makes use of electrodes to read and interpret the activity of your heart.

What treatment options are available for a heart murmur?

A heart murmur on its own does not require any treatment, whether it is benign or is indicative of a fatal condition. If it is the latter, then your doctor will be working to treat the said heart problem instead that causes the murmur. To achieve that, they may make use of different solutions which include but are not limited to:

  • Medications
  • Catheterization
  • Surgery