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    Hello, I am Dr. Trent Worrell and I am the patient care coordinator for Apex Heart and Vascular Care. I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago, an island in the Caribbean that’s rich in West Indian culture and hospitality, a quality that I wish to extend to all patients I care for at Apex Heart. It brings me joy, in the most sincere way, when I am able to provide quality care to my patients that results in them living healthier, happier lives. I am a person who values practicing what I preach; therefore, in addition to educating others about the importance of healthy eating and exercise, I maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes weight lifting and cardiovascular activities such as playing tennis – one of my many pastimes. Thank you for getting to know me. See you soon; be well, be happy and be healthy.

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    Hi, my name is Desaida Huerta, born and raised in Passaic NJ. I come from a proud hard working Mexican family! I graduated as a Medical Assistant in 2013 and have been working in the medical field for 5 years. I decided to work in the medical field because personally, it’s one of the best careers that can help people all around the world by showing care and love to each individual. I have been with the A Team for about a year already and I’ve had so many great experiences with a lot of our patients from tears, thank you’s, hugs to blessings that has made me realize how amazing it is working with our team! We at Apex Heart and Vascular will always make sure that every patient is treated with the best care and most importantly, treated like a family!

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    Hi, my name is Emily and I am from the Dominican Republic, now living in Passaic with my wonderful family. I have a Bachelors degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. I have been a part of the Apex Heart family for about a year and a half now. We really care about our patients and go above and beyond for everyone who walks through our front door. For example, we fight tooth and nail with insurance companies to ensure that our patients get all the recommended cardiac procedures they need to stay healthy and happy. I remember one day spending over an hour on the phone with an insurance company so that they can get authorization for their cardiac cath – a procedure that they really needed. When I finally succeeded in getting approval, the smile on the patient’s face after I told them the good news brought joy to my heart. When I am away from the office, I love spending my free time with my son and daughter, they are my pride and joy!

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    Nicallina Milillo is a Physician Assistant graduate from Seton Hall University. She is originally from Philadelphia, PA. Nicallina found her passion for cardiology well before studying medicine. She has a significant family history of heart disease and worked for a cardiologist while applying to schools and fell in love with the practice and patients. Nicallina is most passionate about decreasing the preventable risk factors of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women in the United States. While there are risks of heart disease that people do not have control over, there are far more risk factors that people can control. She adamantly believes that it is her job to make patients aware of those risks and to inspire them to make changes! On her leisure time, Nicallina loves cooking and creating her own recipes. Diet is an important aspect of our daily lives that can dramatically affect heart health. Nicallina takes pride in creating delicious and healthy meals in her own home. And when she is not cooking or at Apex, you can assume she is likely somewhere reading, shopping, or exercising.

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    Hello, my name is Dr. Mangala Nayak and I was born and raised in California. I have always been passionate about medicine and helping others; moreover, I have grown most fond of cardiovascular health. A few years ago, my father was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, a condition in which the heart does not pump blood as well as it should. I saw how devastating it can be to see someone I love suffering from this condition. Luckily, he was treated early and is much better now. Needless to say, as a doctor, I was compelled to do something about it, which prompted me to work at Apex Heart so that I can educate others about the importance of routine cardiac check ups and staying healthy. I usually tell my patients that staying healthy should involve being active. For instance, I am a first degree black belt martial artist in taekwondo.

    Bowstaff training and sparring are common elements of taekwondo that help improve my cardiovascular health. It’s not only healthy for me but also stress relieving and fun!

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    Hi, I am Harshil Shukla and I am originally from Gujarat, India, now a resident of New Jersey. I recently earned a Bachelors of Exercise and Sports Science, an achievement that I am very proud of. I am an amiable person at heart and will do my best to not only take care of you but also add laughter to your day or at least, a smile! During my free time I enjoy playing cricket; I play cricket because I am passionate about the sport and because it provides a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with my family and friends.

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    Hello, my name is Kishan Patel and I am from Gujarat, India; currently living in New Jersey. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a career in the medical field and aspire to one day go to a medical school to become a physician. I will never forget the day I became a member of the Apex Heart team mainly because of the immensely positive impression they had on me the very first day I saw them in action. I was volunteering at a local community event and witnessed firsthand how Apex Heart team members were voluntarily educating and helping patients in the community. Their presence in this community event motivated me to join Apex Heart so that I too can make a difference. Several months later, I am so happy to be a member of this amazing family. On my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, swimming, and hiking at various scenic locations throughout the country – my favorite being Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina.

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    My name is Dr. Premal Patel originally from Gujarat, India. I earned my Medical Degree from Smolensk State Medical Academy. I obtained further medical training in Mumbai, authoring a couple of articles and presentations at national conferences. I had a particular interest in the care of medically complex adults. I have joined Apex heart and vascular as I am passionate about cardiology and would like to look and employ ways of preventing a range of heart-related problems. In part time, I am doing research at Cardiology Department, Northshore University Medical Center. I currently reside in Ridgewood, NJ with my wife, and I enjoy life with my daughter. During my spare time, I like to play cricket and explore the world.

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    Hi, I am Iris and I recently joined the Apex Heart team. I can already say that I truly love being a member of this team. Everyone has been so helpful to me that I understand firsthand that they know how to really care for patients. Being a part of this office family is what makes healthcare fun! Moreover, learning about patients and their medical problems is another reason why I like being in the healthcare field. Furthermore, seeing a smile on a patient’s face when they leave the office fills my heart with joy because I feel like we did our job right!

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    My name is Abhilasha Rana, born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I began working in healthcare at a multi-specialty hospital in south Mumbai for 5 years. I also worked as a Medical Assistant at a health checkup department, treating people from all over the world. Working with other doctors, I saw that language barriers created major obstacles in the rendering of patient care. Because I speak Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and English, doctors felt more comfortable with me, which peaked my interest in the medical field. I truly believe that whatever I do, I must do it with all my effort and love; thus, working at Apex Heart and Vascular Care is enjoyable to me. Likewise, I am passionate about helping my patients in every way possible, even if it means going out of the way. All the patients I have worked with have been very kind to me, so picking a favorite would be unfair. A patient’s blessing is the best compliment for me! For fun, I enjoy waking up early to see the sunrise; the sheer beauty of the sun and the sky helps boost my morale for the rest of the day.

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    Hi, my name is Ruth. I was born and raised in Passaic, NJ with a strong Mexican background. I graduated as a Medical Assistant in 2013 and worked in children’s daycare before joining a medical practice. I joined Apex Heart & Vascular Care last year and being a part of this team has given me the opportunity to meet many great people. I enjoy spending time with patients to ensure that they always feel 100% informed during their visit and leave with a great experience. Outside the office, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, and crocheting.

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    Nicole Merensztein is a Physician Assistant who joined the Apex Heart and Vascular family in September 2019. She received her Bachelors in Biology, as well as her Master’s in Science from Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ. She was born in Argentina and then moved to New York at a very young age, but maintained her fluency in Spanish by practicing with family, friends, and now with patients! She loves to travel in her free time and experience new cultures, try new foods and meet new people. If you ask her where she is the happiest, the answer is almost always on a beach with a good book. Nicole has had a love for healthcare and medicine for as long as she can remember. She believes in listening and creating relationships with every single patient to maintain and improve life-long health.