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Apex Heart and Vascular Center (Vein Clinic)

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  • Kishan


    Hello, my name is Kishan Patel and I am from Gujarat, India; currently living in New Jersey. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a career in the medical field and aspire to one day go to a medical school to become a physician. I will never forget the day I became a member of the Apex Heart team mainly because of the immensely positive impression they had on me the very first day I saw them in action. I was volunteering at a local community event and witnessed firsthand how Apex Heart team members were voluntarily educating and helping patients in the community. Their presence in this community event motivated me to join Apex Heart so that I too can make a difference. Several months later, I am so happy to be a member of this amazing family. On my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, swimming, and hiking at various scenic locations throughout the country – my favorite being Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina.

  • Harina


    My name is Harina Patel and I am from Ahmedabad, India. In India, I worked in the dental field. After immigrating to the US, I completed a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Rutgers University and I am currently completing a Ph.D. in Leadership. I am a people person and healthcare suits me perfectly. I love being able to make a difference in people’s lives. In my spare time, you can find me reading philosophy, hiking, camping, or fishing.

  • Kyati


    My name is Khyati Bhadiyadra. I am from Gujarat, India. I have been passionate about learning and helping people. I worked as a dentist in India and later pursued my Master’s in Healthcare Administration in the United States. I believe that Health is real Wealth and my ultimate goal is to provide true treasure to the community and restore wellness. I like to do social work and serve our society. Also, I love to explore different places and meet new people.

  • Janki


    Hi, my name is Janki Patel. I am originally from Gujarat, India; now a native of New Jersey. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Micro Biology, AAS in Diagnostic Cardiovascular Ultrasound technician as well as a Membership in the Alpha Beta Gamma National Honor Society. I am a certified Medical laboratory technician from India. About five years ago I fell in love with this specialty because of the hemodynamics of the vascular system and the immense variety in examinations. It intrigued me that vascular ultrasound could be used to investigate arterial and venous pathology fully from head to toe. I love that I come to work every day learning something new and I am able to problem-solve with the providers to obtain the information that they need. Vascular ultrasound is collaborative and exciting for me! In my free time, I love to spend time with my family, cooking, and gardening.

  • Maelia Sierra

    Maelia Sierra

    My name is Maelia Sierra and I am one of the Vascular Sonographers here at Apex Heart and Vascular Care. I am originally from the Dominican Republic but now live in New Jersey. I graduated from Eastern International College in 2022. During my free time, I enjoy traveling and love trying new restaurants. I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field but was not sure what profession I wanted to excel in, however, I am so happy to have chosen Vascular Sonography because it’s something that I never knew I would love to do.

  • Nikhil


    My name is Nikhil Mani and I’m a first-generation Indian-American whose roots are in Kerala, India. I started my career working in medical equipment sales but I realized that wasn’t where my passions lied. I wanted to be more hands-on experience in healthcare and be able to help make a difference in patients’ lives. So, I decided to attend Eastwick College and studied cardiovascular ultrasound. I did my clinical externship at NYU Langone, where I was able to truly immerse myself in the field and learn valuable techniques and lessons that help me today. Outside of work, I’m passionate about food! I enjoy trying and making all different types of cuisines. I like to stay active whenever I can by playing basketball or going on scenic hikes. I truly am grateful to be a part of the Apex family and work under such great providers and passionate team members. I look forward to continuing my career and continuing my growth as an ultrasound technician with Apex Heart and Vascular Care Vein Clinic.

  • Manuela Zuluaga

    Manuela Zuluaga

    My name is Manuela Zuluaga and I’m one of the Cardio Vascular Sonographers at Apex Heart and vascular. I graduated from the American Institute of Medical Sciences in 2019. During my free time, I love to travel and learn about new cultures and cuisines. I have been in the medical field since I was 19 years old. Patient care has always been very important to me and I’m glad I can participate in the diagnostic process.