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Amputation Prevention and Limb Loss Awareness Month

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In April, we spotlight Amputation Prevention and Limb Loss Awareness, focusing on the latest in care and collaboration within the medical community. This month, championed by the Amputee Coalition, highlights the importance of early detectoin for lower limb vascular disease and patient education. Join us in raising awareness #StopTheChop #NoAmputeeAlone

Apex at the Forefront of Amputation Prevention!

  • Endovascular Advances in the BASIL-2 Trial: A New Dawn for Limb Preservation: In the forefront of vascular innovation, the BASIL-2 trial pioneers by prioritizing endovascular interventions over traditional open surgery in treating thrombotic popliteal artery aneurysms. This groundbreaking study evaluates key outcomes like limb salvage rates and the long-term success of arterial patency, emphasizing a shift towards less invasive, patient-specific approaches. It highlights the necessity of immediate action in critical cases to avert the risk of limb loss. The trial sparks a vital conversation on the evolving role of endovascular techniques in setting new standards for vascular care. Results from BASIL-2 could potentially reshape clinical guidelines, propelling the field of limb preservation into a future where innovative, tailored treatments reign supreme.
  • Navigating Thrombotic Popliteal Artery Challenges: This comprehensive review pits open surgery against endovascular interventions for thrombotic popliteal artery aneurysm cases, highlighting the critical aspects of limb salvage rates and patency outcomes. The findings emphasize the importance of tailored approaches in managing acute lower limb ischemia, offering new hope in limb preservation strategies. Delve deeper into this pivotal study on BioMed Central for a closer look at the groundbreaking results.
  • LIFE-BTK Study: A New Era in Limb Salvage: This groundbreaking trial, enrolling 225 patients, rigorously tests the efficacy of the Esprit DRS (Abbott) against conventional PTA. Initial results suggest promising advancements in ensuring major adverse limb events and perioperative death are minimized, alongside significant improvements in primary patency and limb salvage. This trial is a beacon for future endovascular treatments. Explore the intricate details and preliminary outcomes on Endovascular Today.
  • TOBA II BTK Study’s Remarkable Outcomes: Focused on the innovative Tack Endovascular System for post-PTA dissection repairs, this trial showcases exceptional limb salvage and patency rates at 12 months. The study heralds a significant step forward in managing BTK complications, underlining the system’s efficacy and safety. A detailed exploration of these promising results awaits you on Endovascular Today.
  • Unraveling the Impact of Paclitaxel-Coated Balloons: This critical systematic review and meta-analysis scrutinizes the long-term ramifications of utilizing paclitaxel-coated balloons in combating peripheral arterial disease in lower limbs. The study meticulously evaluates the balance between preventing restenosis and the risk of major amputation, providing pivotal insights into the safety and efficacy of these devices. For an in-depth analysis of the findings, visit Helda.

This April, Join Our Journey Towards Amputation Prevention and Limb Loss Awareness

  • April stands as a beacon of hope, marking the Amputation Prevention and Limb Loss Awareness Month. It’s a time dedicated to shedding light on the significant challenges and triumphs in the realm of limb preservation and the lives touched by amputation. This month, we delve deep into the heart of prevention, innovative treatments, and the indomitable spirit of those navigating life with limb loss.

The Stark Reality: Unveiling the Numbers

Amputation, a word that carries the weight of immense life changes, affects millions globally. In the United States alone, 2.1 MILLION people live with limb loss, with vascular diseases such as Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and diabetes being leading causes. The psychological and socio-economic ramifications extend far beyond the individual, touching families and communities.

Limb Loss Brochure

Join Us This March Raising Awareness For Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month!

Limb Loss Brochure
Limb Loss Brochure


Meet Luis Andino aka DJ King Kong, who’s come through a life-altering journey with a story that will inspire. Over the past three years, Luis has faced the challenges of amputation but found hope with Dr. Shah and the dedicated team at Apex Heart and Vascular.

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